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  • 2023
  • We are Working with New Client

    Game of Thrones is a TV series with its sixth season ended last year. The new season is being filmed and toy companies are looking right at the collectible items for different characters. Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark and more, a few dozens of starring and recurring characters, this is a very great series. And we are now working on the pre-production samples.

  • Next up 25th Anniversary?

    What do we have next? We cannot say much, but we can tell this is the 25th anniversary for this particular series.

  • Joker vs Batman?

    Joker vs Batman? OR Batman vs Joker? You might think this means no different, but this actually means a lot, depending on your approach! Is Joker or Batman took the initiative in this scene? We are eager to find out!

  • QC Inspection

    Only happy client will return for more projects, so it is our job to deliver every orders with quality. Before we ship the order, we always go for inspection to ensure the quality of the goods are up to standard.

  • Kickstarter Funded

    Our clients put up a Kickstarter campaign a week ago and the goal was surprisingly filled in a matter of hours. As of this moment, the fund pool reached $24000 / $13000 with another 27 days before the campaign ends. We are happy to be part of these wonderful projects!

  • Cargo Dispatched

    After series of work, everything got into a container and being transported to the local port, as of the time for this update, the cargo is currently in the middle pacific ocean on a freighter heading towards our client's warehouse. But, our work is not done yet, we will still need to confirm the quality of our goods once they are successfully delivered.

  • Army of Korra is Ready to March

    Our client did put lots of work on the this Korra PVC in terms of sculpting and colouring, and she is now ready to go. We went to our factory to perform the final quality check yesterday, while PVC products do come with a more standardise producing procedures, we still have the faith to inspect all pieces just to make sure they are indeed up to standard. And we are happy to see that the product did pass the inspection! Shipment is being arranged.

  • Disney Certificate

    We meet up with a potential client two days ago, and they actually brought in 9 different samples for quoting, including different types of item, like a music box, a waterball, also a figure with a LED lantern, we have good confidence to make them all. The other thing worth mention is that all 9 items are Disney based characters, fortunately, we are Disney certified.

  • Drop Testing

    With all production and inspection being completed, we performed the drop test to see if the package can protect the product from being damaged and the result did look promising. Out of 20 testing units, no one get damaged at all, we repacked them and call up our shipping agent to arrange the shipment. They should get on the freight in less than a week.

  • Upcoming Projects

    We had meeting with a client last week, which they came to inspect the production and sign off pre-production sample of the latest project. During discussion, we learned there are already a few more projects lined up for us, and the first should come around SDCC 2016.