About Us

With extensive experience in the industry, we have sufficient skills to become the professional, which put our client's ideas into real commodities, we are ready for you at any time, here is our staff allocation:

Headquarter (Hong Kong) - 20 staff in Customer Relation, R&D, Marketing, IT, Accounting & Administration
Branch Office (China) - 40 staff in R&D, Marketing & Production
Factory (China) - 500 workers
Sculptors (China) - 8 staff

  • 2016 - We are doubling our warehouse and expending the factory to accommodate more works & machinery.
  • 2015 - Started working with worldwide partners and bring their products into China.
  • 2014 - We doubled the size of our Shenzhen office, ilovefigure.com became live as a new business line, her service including, design, sculpture, and manufacture figures in different material.
  • 2013 - To further expand our business, we seek new strategy by working directly with corporate customers.
  • 2010 - Office and factory established in Shenzhen, China to cope with our need. We also start working with an European publisher for the collection of its video game, which appears to be a great success and still working with them.
  • 2007 - We completed our very first self-designed product.
  • 2005 - With growing business, we moved to a self-owned property as headquarter.
  • 2000 - Business established, focusing on video game / anime related side products retail.